Monday 4 April 2016

Youth Entrepreneurs & Students Grant (YESGrant) 2016

The main objectives of the The N500 million Young Entrepreneurs & Students Grant (YESGrant) are to create jobs through young entrepreneurs and encourage high-impact Research & Development programmes that add value and lasting positive change to the Nigerian economy.

15th June, 2016.

Entrepreneurship Grant
Up to N2,000,000 in grant funding, specialised trainings, a network of mentors and business leaders.

Tuition fee support or financial support towards your Research and Development (R&D) project.

Both funding categories are open to applicants who are:
Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 40 and
Members of the Nigeria Young Professional Forum (NYPF). 

Entrepreneurship Grant
The innovative idea of the entrepreneur must be from one of the following sectors:
  1. Agriculture
  2. Creative Economy (Fashion, Photography, Creative Arts, Music and Film Entertainment)
  3. Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The business must be registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The owner of the business applying must
  • Open a corporate account with Heritage Bank Nigeria (the YESGrant Partner) prior to disbursement.
  • Sign a legal agreement between the beneficiary company and NYPF.

  • 200 level – 500 level students as well as NYSC members.
  • Cumulative GPA of  3.5 or greater for Nigerian & UK universities, or 
  • Cumulative GPA of 3 or greater for USA and Canadian universities 
  • Brilliant project ideas that meet the objectives of the YESGrant.

The grant application must be for one of the following two categories:
  1. Tuition Scholarship
  2. Final year student/NYSC member Research and Development (R&D) project
The recipient of the grant  must
  • Open an account with Heritage Bank (the YESGrant Partner) prior to disbursement.
  • Sign a legal agreement between the beneficiary and the Nigerian Young Professional Forum (NYPF).

Selection will be through a rigorous, multi-step process. 
Applicants will be screened in order to identify those with the best talents, needs for support and potentials for positive economic impact to the Nigerian economy.


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