Thursday 17 March 2016

The School of Computational Intelligence (SCI) Training Project

The School of Computational Intelligence (SCI) project is a program by Robotic Systems LLC which aims to train people for free within a period of one year. 

Accepted applicants will be called for an interview and will also have access to a grant sum of N360,000 which will be disbursed to them during the training period.

They will be trained to become professional software developers with expertise in their platform of choice (web or mobile development), and at the end of their first 6 months, will be placed on an internship with one of SCI's sponsor clients/partners.

They will gain lots of experience working in real live and simulated projects and will be well acquainted with professional working principles/style by the end of the training.

Up to 20 programmers will be accepted per training year.

11th Apri1, 2016.

  • The SCI training project is open to any youth between the age of 18 to 30 who has strong mathematical or logic skills and has a strong interest, patience and zeal to become a professional software developer within the period they have carved out.
  • You must be able to live in Lagos Nigeria for the entire duration of the training. (1 year).
  • While the programme is primarily targeting those  students who are currently finishing or have finished their NYSC programs, International applicants may be accepted if they’re willing to relocate to Lagos.
  • Having creative skills and basic knowledge of algorithms is a plus.


Source and Photo Credit: School of Computational Intelligence 

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